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Basicaly when the search engine is searching for you, the words are thanks God case insensitive - (Meaning it does not really matter how your punctuation is e.g. Durban is the same as durban - or even Herald Tribune is the same as herald tribune or herald Tribune.) So now I hope we are still walking together. We should keep things simple as simple as breathing when you dont have flu or asthma. But we should also not forget that a search engine is not a human being, but a program created to make things easy and simple for you and your clients or customers and matches the things, you can also call them "thingys" oh I love that word for it shows how lost one can be, just imagine asking the search engine for "thingy" and the answer might be "Thingy is dandy" hey give it a try and see what it will cough out. In any case its a very simple concept - when you search for [durban] you wont get [pretoria] unless you did something wrong - Cape Town is the same as cape town - voilla. I just want to increase your website's traffic and I will linkbait if necessary. What's the use of a nice looking website if nobody knows about it.

Your website needs GREAT content; without it, all you've published is a soulless wasteland that has nothing to do
with the new Technology.