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Tikie will help you expand your business by promoting it online and doing search engine optimization for you. No promises that you will be the first on the search engine ranking but tikie will do her best to promote your site. There is no guarantee that your website will rank in the top ten.
This is still a new technique even for tikie but we will walk together hand in hand as we explore Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as other great search directories and engines.

This is a challenge I am prepared to explore with you on my side. Tikie would like to improve your organic search engine ranking She will even try web analytics for you but thats another piece of cake, lets share it - she collects, measures, reports analyse, tracks, you name it just like the old hunter who collected it - actually its nothing new we always collected things but now we do it in a different way and thats great. Tikie just want to increase your website's traffic thats all.